Early Literacy Screening

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From Grades K-3 we learn to read, and from Grades 4-12 we read to learn.

Understanding the importance of early literacy is the first step toward a successful educational journey for your child. Nearly 20% of children face challenges in learning to read and write, and early intervention is key for effective support.

Understanding Dyslexia

Living with dyslexia can be particularly challenging for young children entering school. They often need to read something multiple times for comprehension and may struggle with spelling and pronunciation. Despite often having above-average intelligence, dyslexic children may end up feeling “less than” due to these struggles. Dyslexia, a neurodevelopmental disorder, affects a child’s ability to decode words, making reading and writing particularly challenging.

Screening Methods

At Fraser Academy, we employ a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) that includes universal screening and progress monitoring. This informs adaptive teaching methods tailored to each child’s needs.

Challenges & Benefits

Tell-Tale Signs of Early Literacy Challenges

  • Late speech development compared to peers
  • Difficulty in pronouncing words and slow vocabulary growth
  • Problems with rhyming and alphabet recognition
  • Struggling to follow multi-step directions

Benefits of Early Screening

  1. Immediate Intervention: Studies highlight the effectiveness of early intervention, which can yield almost double the academic gains compared to intervention started after the third grade.
  2. Long-term Advantages: Identifying dyslexia or literacy issues at a young age can help avoid significant long-term social and economic disadvantages.
  3. Holistic Development: Children facing difficulties are often not just struggling academically but may also suffer from low self-esteem and social challenges.
Your Next Steps

If this information resonates with you and you’re interested in taking a proactive approach to your child’s literacy development, consider connecting with Fraser Academy’s Outreach Centre, FAx. FAx extends access to Fraser Academy’s educational expertise by offering additional services for the 1 in 5 people who have language-based learning differences.

To learn more about our FAx program and how it can help support your child’s literacy development, please contact Sarah Whittington at swhittington@fraseracademy.ca.

Early intervention can significantly improve your child’s future academic and social outcomes. Don’t wait; connect with us today to help your child reach their full potential!

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This literacy screening is available due to the generosity of Meredith Kaufman.


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