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We’re leaders in the empowerment and education of students with dyslexia and language-based learning differences.

Fraser Academy was founded in 1982 in Vancouver, Canada. We are a fully accredited, independent day school dedicated to helping students in grades 1-12 with language-based learning disabilities to become successful learners.

Our expert teachers, tutors, and learning specialists go beyond proven teaching methods, personalized learning plans and progressive skill development by inspiring each student and family about the possibilities for independent learning and future opportunities.

We provide students in junior, middle and senior grades with the most effective methods to optimize learning. We create a learner-centric environment so that each student is met at his or her own ability, skill level and pace. Through building confidence and the experience of success from day one, we support each student to confidently engage in achieving their full potential. We provide a structured, individualized and therapeutic approach to learning that leads to graduation.

A Future of Opportunity

At Fraser Academy, students discover the joys of learning, work hard, become self-advocates for their learning challenges and develop into self-reliant young adults. We have a proven record of academic success, with an impressive 95% of our graduates moving on to college and university.

Our programs feature:

Classes are deliberately small, with no more than 12 students in the Junior and Middle School, and an average of 7 students in Senior School classes. Our overall student to faculty ratio is 3:1. This allows individual engagement in all classroom settings.

All of our students receive individualized, diagnostic and prescriptive language instruction with a certified Orton-Gillingham (OG) learning specialist. Orton Gillingham (OG) is a proven, research-based individualized approach of teaching language skills to students who have difficulty with reading, writing and spelling. The uniqueness of this approach is in meeting the student at his or her level of success and providing flexibility to match each student’s individual needs.

We work with each student to build core skills in a systematic, sequential, cognitive, direct, multi-sensory and flexible manner. By breaking down language to its smallest possible units, students are able to build the skills needed to become proficient readers and writers. In middle and senior school years, the OG approach provides the foundation for further development of writing skills, reading comprehension strategies, critical thinking, executive functioning skills, and other language skills.

Executive functioning skills, such as time management, personal organization, disciplined study habits, research skills and self-advocacy are taught explicitly and reinforced everyday.

This school-wide curriculum is a valuable component for assisting students to become successful, independent learners.

A well-supported learning structure helps students to learn more effectively and to develop positive study habits. Students are taught organizational skills and how to communicate through the use of technology, while maintaining a consistent daily schedule. Teacher expectations are clear and steadily reinforced. All teachers, learning specialists, and tutors closely monitor progress so that students are always working to the best of their abilities.

Our interactive classrooms enhance learning success, which mitigates learning differences.

We offer flexibility that enables students to demonstrate knowledge and talents in alternate ways while building the skills required to achieve success in a post-secondary institution.

Our expert teachers, tutors and learning specialists to employ multisensory teaching techniques on an individual level in all classroom settings.

We place emphasis on language development, self-esteem and self-advocacy.

Students in the same grade have the same schedules—from core and enriched curricula to daily one-to-one tutoring; they are never pulled out of class to go to a “resource” room; they never feel stigmatized.

All students use technology that supports learning independence, with all students in grades 7-12 using a 1:1 model of technology with their choice of tablet or laptop, and all students in grades 1-6 work working daily on iPads or in Chrome Book Labs.

Our teaching practices are based on over 30 years of frontline experience and influenced by the latest research on human intelligence, cognitive development, dyslexia and learning disabilities.


We have specialists in all subjects, including fine arts, applied arts and physical education.

Our teachers are experts at uncovering a student’s learning style and they personalize workloads and assignments so that students achieve success.

All our learning specialists and tutors are trained in the Orton-Gillingham (OG) approach as well as other research-based methods of teaching.

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We offer an education in a setting where students with language-based learning differences can thrive.

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