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4 Tips to Help Understand a Psych-Ed Report

At Fraser Academy, we know that it can be challenging to understand a Psychoeducational Assessment or “Psych Ed” report.

There is extensive vocabulary that may seem like a foreign language, and many people are not familiar with the tests used or what they are measuring. It’s no surprise that it is often difficult for learners and families to know how to advocate and receive the support that they need.

Tip #1: Check the Summary and Conclusions

Here you will find the diagnoses which will enable you to receive the accommodations you will need in-class and for exams. There will also be a summary of strengths and weaknesses in cognitive and academic areas.

Tip #2: Check the Recommendations

Here you will get a general sense of ways to support the learner at home and at school along with a list of resources. It is important to include this information in the individual education plan (IEP) which provides the educational team with useful instructional approaches and strategies.

Tip #3: Advocate for Needs

When a diagnosis is provided, the school is responsible for developing an IEP to support the student in accessing their learning. If one has not been provided, you are entitled to ask for it.

Tip #4: Seek Additional Support

These basic tips only brush the surface of understanding a Psych Ed as there are many nuances within each report.

Please feel welcome to reach out to our school’s admissions office or FAx (our outreach center), for additional information and services such as Educational Consulting. We support families in navigating psycho-educational assessments to maximize student learning outcomes.

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