Your gift will support students by providing resources, tools, and personalized instruction to create an optimal learning environment.

Your gift will enable:
  • School-wide assessment tools
  • Document cameras to improve the learning experience
  • Multisensory hands-on learning instruments
  • Access to resources and leading research for educators


By giving to the Changing Destinies Fund, you are supporting:
  • Enhancements to our leading math approach
  • Bursaries for financial aid
  • Professional Development for educators
  • As well as other ongoing needs

Give Today

Help us improve our leading math approach.

Last year, we launched a multi-year plan to enhance our leading approach to math remediation and were able to achieve a number of key early milestones.

Research has evolved to evaluate full student profiles, and reaffirms that a multisensory approach is the most effective way to teach math. It provides a stronger path to math literacy, building a solid foundation of number sense and, ultimately, mastery of concepts. This approach is effective for all of our students, regardless of whether they struggle or excel in math.

View more about our math enhancements.

  • Math Department enhancements:
    • Developed common language and approaches for teaching foundational numeracy skills
    • Incorporated multisensory and “concrete, representational, abstract” (CRA) methods into lesson plans
    • Further developed our procedures to quickly identify each student’s prior gaps in learning, and established learning goals and targets specific to each grade
    • Created resources for fluency, strategy lists for lesson plans, classroom hands-on and manipulative learning, and additional instructor tools
    • Continued investment in staff and faculty in the area of remedial math instruction
  • Art & Digital Media enhancements, including drafting tables, cameras, computer and audio recording equipment upgrades
  • 17 classroom upgrades: custom student-centered furniture
  • A new Sports Pad
  • A new coding curriculum and Robotics Lab
  • Renovations to the Junior and Senior Music Rooms
  • Multi-purpose areas
  • School-wide technology & presentation enhancements
  • Smart Boards technology
  • Incorporating Wellness into the Building Cognition Program
  • A new 24-person school bus

Culture of Giving

Philanthropy leads to transformational change.

Our fundraising efforts and culture of philanthropy are key to our present and future in serving students’ learning needs. 

Thank you for further investing in Fraser Academy and for changing destiny by changing minds.

Ways to Give

  • Make a one-time or monthly gift (see online donation form below).
  • Call the Advancement Office at 604 736 5575 to make your gift by phone, payable by credit card.
  • Send in your cheque by mail: Advancement Office, Fraser Academy, 2294 W 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6K 2H8.
  • To give via publicly traded securities, please contact Heather Altas at or 604 736 5575 to request our Stock Transfer Form.

Donors who give $2,500 and above (during the school year) are invited to the annual Board Chair’s Donor Recognition Dinner.

Planned giving is an inspiring and transformational way to make a meaningful donation today with a lasting impact for tomorrow. It provides the opportunity to invest in our students for generations to come, and ensure the optimal educational environment for them at Fraser Academy.

Planned giving options include bequests (naming Fraser Academy as a beneficiary in your will), life insurance and other products (through donating these products, or again naming Fraser Academy as a beneficiary).

Also, planned giving may provide certain tax benefits to you or your estate. We can work with you and your tax, legal and financial advisers on planned gift options. Information on planned giving provided by Fraser Academy does not constitute legal, tax or financial advice and such professional advice should be sought in the process of structuring such a gift.

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For more information on donations, how to make a gift or questions regarding your tax receipt, please contact the Advancement Office at 604 736 5575.

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