Educational Consulting

We support families and schools in understanding a child’s learning profile.

Are you wondering how to support your child’s learning in public or independent school? We offer Educational Consulting Services to families in the greater Vancouver area.

We help:
  • demystify psycho-educational assessments
  • share instructional strategies with your child’s school
  • make recommendations for Individual Education Plans (IEPs)
  • advocate for your child’s needs
  • build learner independence and self-advocacy
  • recommend strategies for use at home

This service is ideal for parents who feel their child is not meeting their potential at school due to a suspected or diagnosed language-based learning difference.

Initial Package ($375)
  • Interpretation of psych-ed assessments (or other assessments)
  • Informal diagnostic assessments
  • Detailed Learning Profile report with strategies for educators and learners
  • Recommendations for IEP’s – Goals, Objectives, Strategies
  • A phone consultation with educational team
  • A family consultation
  • Ways to support at home
Additional Meetings ($125/meeting)

Additional consultation meetings with professionals (your teachers, school team, administrators, psychologists, and other professionals)

To book this service, or if you have questions about how we can help your family, contact

If you or your child does not yet have a Psycho-Educational Assessment:

You can still access this service by first scheduling the following assessments with us:

  • an initial consultation with the completion of achievement testing ($175), and
  • CEFI (Executive Function) testing ($125)


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