Our Programs

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Our graduation program focus is on providing students with the preparation to succeed as self-advocates and independent learners in the post-secondary arena of their choice. Class size is, on average, seven students.

Our goal is to teach and encourage senior school students to lead with their strengths, and to do so with confidence. We prepare our students to be lifelong learners who communicate clearly, think critically, solve problems creatively—and advocate capably for their own learning differences. Over 90% of our graduates continue on to post-secondary education.



All our high school students follow the designated provincial curriculum, which leads to the BC Dogwood diploma. The core curriculum covers English, maths, science, social studies and physical education. We offer an impressive selection of academic elective subjects, as well as experiential learning through the science program and international learning opportunities. We also offer a feature Outdoor Education program for a cohort of grade 11 students called Odyssey.

Courses are taught in a multisensory fashion and accommodate the specific academic needs of each student. Our faculty works closely with students to develop key 21st-century skills, as well as to help bring core reading, spelling, writing and maths skills to age-appropriate levels.

One-to-One or Small Group Language Instruction

Students work with a certified Orton-Gillingham learning specialist for three hours per week in either a one-to-one or small group setting. Students build critical thinking skills and gain a thorough understanding of their learning profile.

Executive Function Curriculum

Our school-wide Executive Function Curriculum helps students build processes in key areas such as goal setting, planning, prioritizing, organizing, shifting, flexibility, self-monitoring and manipulating information in working memory.

Educational Technology

Students use a 1:1 device model and build-up to more complex learning tasks that support the development of independent, critical and creative thinkers who can access information, as well as assess its quality and validity.



We provide our students with the opportunity to develop and showcase their personal strengths, thanks to a wide range of electives that encourage creativity, craftsmanship and thinking outside the box.

Senior students have the opportunity to refine their skills and express their creative side by enrolling in courses such as foods and nutrition, jewelry, carpentry and joinery, digital media, graphic design, web publishing, animation, photography, studio art, visual art, music, drama, yearbook and leadership, among others.

Fraser Academy is home to an art room, two music studios, a photo lab and darkroom, home ec kitchen, woodworking and jewelry workshops, plus a tech lab with animation and design capabilities.



Cocurricular athletics is very popular among our students. We offer a variety of individual and team sports throughout the school year. We compete in the GVISSA, ISEA, ISAA leagues as well as at the Provincial level in certain sports.  Our Senior School teams participate in cross-country, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, golf and track & field. We also have a ski and snowboard team that competes in races at Whistler Blackcomb throughout the winter.



Graduating from high school, making decisions about higher education and choosing a career path can be a daunting task for anyone. Transition planning helps our students deal with these exciting yet challenging decisions. Through the Graduation Transitions & Post-Secondary Planning program students gain a better understanding of their talents, interests and values. They’re able to explore educational options and are prepared to make focused decisions about their futures, whether they choose college, university, travel, internships or work. View more.



We go beyond the books to offer our students a wide selection of activities designed to encourage creativity, boost confidence, engender co-operation and develop life skills. Each year we offer an annual leadership camp at Camp Malibu at the beginning of the school year for grade 8-12 students. Our Week Without Walls program is an opportunity for grades 8-11 students to gain work experience. We provide active and experiential learning through an enriched Outdoor Education program. In addition, select leadership students have the opportunity to attend the Canadian Student Leadership Association Conference and CAIS National Student Leadership Conference.