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There’s no better day school to explore than Fraser Academy if your child’s primary learning challenge is dyslexia or a related language-based learning difference.

Our school is a place where your child will become a self-reliant young adult, poised for a successful transition to college or university, with a bright future ahead. Our day school is here to support learners with average to gifted intelligence, whose primary learning challenge is a language-based learning difference, such as a Specific Learning Disorder in reading, writing, and/or math, as diagnosed by a registered psychologist.

If you feel that our school may be a good fit for your family, we welcome you to contact our Admissions Team, explore the school, and submit an online application.

At our day school, your child will become a self-reliant young adult, poised for a successful transition to college or university, with a bright future ahead – despite their struggles with reading and/or writing.

We support Grade 2-12 learners with average to gifted intelligence, whose primary learning challenge is a language-based learning difference, such as a Specific Learning Disorder in reading, writing, and/or math, as diagnosed by a registered psychologist.

Our school’s unique instructional approach is designed to meet each learner’s individual needs through direct, explicit, and targeted intervention. With support in place, and surrounded by a diverse community of peers with similar learning styles, our students are no longer defined solely by their learning differences.

With small class sizes of 6-12 students and 1:1 (or small group) Orton-Gillingham learning support incorporated into the daily schedule, our students never miss out on opportunities in core and enriched curriculum. Together, we facilitate a transformative journey where your child can re-discover the joys of learning, broaden their interests and ignite their passions. We’ll help them develop their creativity, communication, and leadership skills – areas in which dyslexics often excel – while building their foundational reading, writing, math, and/or executive function skills.

Our Admissions Team is here to help you explore our school’s unique program offerings from the inquiry stage, through to acceptance. We look forward to getting to know your family so that together, we can ensure Fraser Academy is the right place for your child to thrive!

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Call Admissions on 604-736-5575 x 5502, or click here to book a time for us to call you. Alternatively, email us at or submit an inquiry below. 

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Join us for an Open House

Note: We will announce our Fall 2024 Open House dates in September 2024. If you’d like us to notify you when registration opens, please click here.
At an Open House, you’ll learn how we teach differently through our specialized program, take a student-led tour of our learning environment, and join our students for a Q&A as they reflect on their personal journeys.

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How to Apply

2024-25 School Year – Apply Now!

We invite you to apply as soon as possible to be considered for entry to our Day School this September. We currently have spaces available in most grades. Please reach out to Admissions directly without delay to learn more about space availability before applying. 

If your child is not ready to apply because they do not yet have a Psycho Educational Assessment, please contact Admissions so that they can keep your family on their radar. They may also be able to help you find a psychologist to carry out an assessment.

Apply Now

If you feel Fraser Academy might be the right fit for your family, click the Apply Now button above.

Note that first-time users should create a new account, while visitors returning to our online portal should log in using their email address. (Please do not set up a duplicate account in your name).

Applications will be considered complete when all requested documentation has been submitted, including payment of the $75 non-refundable application fee.

For a full list of supporting materials that will be required, please see the FAQ section below.

Families seeking bursary assistance to help offset the cost of tuition should also submit a separate bursary assistance application as soon as they have submitted their application for admission to the day school. See below for more details.

Following our internal review of your application materials, shortlisted candidates who meet our preliminary entry requirements will receive an email inviting them to log back into the Admissions Portal to book a family visit, including interview and intake assessment. This will help us get to know each other better before making our admissions decisions.

Decisions will be shared with families in late May (for those applying by May 1) or as soon as possible (for those applying after May 1).

Our selection considerations are set out below in the FAQs below .

Candidates who are initially placed in a waitpool may be selected for acceptance at a later date in the admissions cycle (including mid-year) if a suitable opening subsequently becomes available. Selection from the waitpool is based on best fit for our program and learning environment, not “first come, first served.” Therefore, applicants are encouraged to apply to Fraser Academy year round, even if a grade is full and/or already has a waitpool.

Tuition and Bursary Assistance

Fraser Academy’s tuition fees are reassessed annually. For the most up to date amount, and to learn how to explore potential tuition reliefs equivalent to approximately 20% – 70% of the tuition amount, please reach out to Director of Enrolment, Naomi Johnston, at 604 736 5575 x 5502 or

Our educational program is tailored to meet the specific individual learning needs of each student. We offer small class sizes (target size of 12), as well as 1:1 and small group (2-4 students) language instruction, and specialist teachers for athletics, music, and the arts. As a non-profit organization, our tuition fees reflect the services we provide.

Many parents whose children are diagnosed with a language-based learning disorder have found that because of the school’s therapeutic instruction, Fraser Academy tuition has been accepted by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as a medical deduction or Qualifying Medical Expense (QME) (Court File No. 90-1931(IT)).

Please seek your own professional advice to determine if the following could apply to your family’s personal financial situation to help reduce the amount paid:

  • Claiming tuition fees as a QME when submitting your annual tax return (in the same way that you claim other medical expenses such as dental, vision etc.);
  • Paying tuition fees via a Health Spending Account offered by your employer’s medical insurance plan; or
  • For those who own their own business, speaking to an insurance broker to determine whether it would be advantageous to set up a Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) which is a CRA approved plan that may enable businesses to convert medical expenses into a fully tax deductible business expense.

Families may also wish to explore the possibility of applying for CRA’s Disability Tax Credit which could potentially offer financial relief and access to other benefits for their child.

We believe that all children and youth, regardless of their economic situation, deserve an education in a setting where they can learn and prosper. Every year, 10-15% of our families receive bursary assistance, covering 5–50% of tuition costs. Best efforts are made to accommodate as many eligible families as possible. Financial assistance is not guaranteed.

Fraser Academy is committed to working with families to make our school more affordable and ensures that all bursary awards are fairly appropriated according to need and availability of funds.

The majority of bursary funds available for the 2024-25 school year have already been awarded. However, an amount has been held back, and remains available for new families seeking September 2024 entry to the Day School. Please inquire with admissions for remaining availability before clicking below to apply.  Bursary awards will only be confirmed to families subsequently offered acceptance to the Day School.

Apply for Bursary Assistance


Please note the following about bursary assistance:

  • Applications are submitted by families directly to an independent third-party, Apple Financial Services (AFS), who provide a financial analysis and recommendation of an award to the school. The amount of bursary awarded is then determined by Fraser Academy’s Bursary Committee following consideration of the recommendations by AFS. A blind, case-by-case, needs-based analysis guides the Bursary Committee in its decision making process. Information provided in each bursary application is kept strictly confidential.
  • Bursary applications are open to all students – both returning students and prospective new students. Prospective students must have submitted an application for admission to Fraser Academy prior to applying for bursary assistance. A student’s need for financial assistance does not affect admissions eligibility.
  • Bursary assistance must be applied for annually.
  • Please ensure that your bursary application is submitted several weeks in advance of the deadlines below, if possible, to give Apple Financial plenty of time to review and verify that your application is complete. Applications deemed incomplete by the deadline may be ineligible for consideration for that round of bursary assistance awards.
  • There is a $130 non-refundable application fee for bursary applications, payable online to Apple Financial Services.

Some families have also had success applying for external grants from, for example, CKNW Kid’s Fund (currently up to $1,500 for tuition) and Variety – The Children’s Charity (currently up to $5,500 for tutoring and tuition fees).

For families with two or more siblings enrolled at Fraser Academy concurrently, tuition fees will be discounted by $1,000 for each second and subsequent child.

Depending on their learning needs, Fraser Academy may recommend students attend 2:1 or Group LS, rather than 1:1 LS. Notification of candidacy is made in the Spring of the preceding school year. Discounts below relate to the 2023-24 school year and may be subject to change:

  • Students enrolled in 2:1 LS – $3,250 discount
  • Students enrolled in Group LS – $6,500 discount

Students are typically not eligible for 2:1 or Group LS during the first year of enrolment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors do you take into consideration when assessing a candidate?

  • To ensure that the match between your child and the school is the right one, we take many factors into consideration before making a decision, including:
    • PsychoEducational Assessment(s)
    • Past academic performance and future academic potential
    • Impressions gathered from the interview and results of the in-house intake assessment
    • Suitability for Fraser Academy’s program and learning environment, including school and classroom readiness, listening and communication skills, willingness to follow instructions and class routines, resilience, and potential to be an actively engaged and positive member of our community
    • Availability of space and class composition in the grade
    • Information from qualified psychologists, health care professionals, and educators.

What supporting documentation should I have on hand to complete my application?

  • At the time of submitting the online application form, you will need:
    • Applicant photo (headshot/passport/school photo style)
    • Family photo (no hats, goggles, helmets)
    • Applicant birth certificate or passport
    • Parent(s)/Guardian(s) business cards (if applicable)
    • Current PsychoEducational Assessment (dated no earlier than 2021)
    • Any previous PsychoEducational Assessment(s) if applicable
    • Application fee ($75 for all applicants, including re-applicants)
  • Once the Application Form has been received, our Admissions Team will email you within 1-2 business days to invite you to upload the following additional supporting documents to the Admissions Portal to complete your application::
    • School reports for the school years 2021-22 and 2022-23 (plus 2023-24 when available)
    • Individual Education Plan (IEP) (if available)
    • Applicant’s BC Medical Services Plan card (both sides) showing the same address you previously provided us with
    • Any assessments or reports relevant to an academic, health, or social emotional perspective
    • For Grade 11-12 applicants only, a list of all courses anticipated to be completed during the 2023-24 school year.

I applied in previous years to Fraser Academy. Can I reapply?

  • Yes, we are happy to receive applications from those who were previously waitpooled. Please submit a full application so that you can update us on your child’s current needs. An application fee of $75 applies to all new applicants, as well as re-applicants.

What is the best time of year to apply to Fraser Academy?

  • Now is the ideal time! If you missed the earlier application deadlines (December 1, 2023, February 15, and May 1, 2024), don’t worry. We still have spaces available in many grades. Please reach out to Admissions directly before applying.

Is tuition relief or bursary assistance available to offset tuition costs?

  • Yes, please click here to learn more. Contact admissions for more information and to learn about our current tuition fees.

I don’t have a Psycho Educational Assessment yet to confirm my child’s diagnosis. What should I do? 

  • A Psycho Educational Assessment dated no earlier than 3 years prior to the date of entry is required to be submitted with your application to the Day School. If you need help finding a psychologist, please contact Admissions. Admissions will also be able to keep your family on their radar whilst you wait for your child’s  diagnosis to be confirmed.

I’ve been placed in a waitpool, what does this mean?

  • If you receive a decision letter stating that your child is in the waitpool, it means they have met our entrance criteria, however, as we are limited in the number of spaces for each grade, your child did not fall within that round of offers. Candidates in the waitpool will be individually re-considered in the next round of offers, or when additional spaces open up unexpectedly in the grade. There is no ranking in the waitpool, hence why it is a “pool” not a “list.” Families in the waitpool will be contacted only if and when a suitable space has become available.

There’s already a waitpool in my child’s grade. Is it still worth applying?

  • Absolutely. Please consider applying so that we can potentially add you to our waitpool. Spaces may open up unexpectedly at any time in the year, for a variety of reasons (e.g. families relocating, timetable opportunities arising). If your child is already in our waitpool, then we may select them if they are the “best fit” for the spot. We do not operate on a “first-come, first-served” basis, therefore it’s possible that your child could be the ideal candidate to offer acceptance to, even though someone else may have applied before them.

What are your regular school hours?

  • Our regular school hours are:
    • Junior School (Grade 2-6): 8:00 am – 3:00 pm (Friday early dismissal at 2:25 pm)
    • Middle and Senior School (Grade 7-12): 8:00 am – 3:35 pm (Friday early dismissal at 2:25 pm)
  • Complimentary supervision is available for Junior School students at drop off (from 7:45 am) and pick up (until 3:35 pm Monday – Thursday only).

Is there a school bus?

  • Yes, Fraser Academy offers a daily bus service from the locations below, subject to adequate registration and an additional fee. Pick up and drop off times for the 2023-24 school year are:
    • South Surrey: Rona (3165 King George Hwy, Surrey) at 6:55 am and 4:35 pm (3:30 pm on Fridays)
    • North Shore: Westview Shopping Centre, in front of Safeway at 7:15 am and 4:15 pm (3:10 pm on Fridays)
    • Richmond: Richmond Ice Centre parking lot (14140 Triangle Rd., Richmond) at 7:20 am and 4:15 pm (3:10 pm on Fridays)

Is there a hot lunch program?

  • Yes. An optional hot lunch program is offered to all families Monday to Thursday each week. Additional fees apply.

Do you give preference to siblings or children of alumni or staff?

  • Fraser Academy values its community, therefore, when all else is equal and provided the admissions criteria are met, priority consideration for acceptance may be given to a current family (or recently enrolled family) or to the children of alumni or staff.

Do you accept out-of-province or international students?

  • Yes. However, as we are a day school where parent(s) or legal guardian(s) are expected to be active and engaged in our community, students must live with their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) in the Lower Mainland. At least one parent or legal guardian must have Canadian citizenship, Permanent Residency status or a Work Visa. We do not enrol students requiring ELL support, or students residing in BC in a homestay arrangement. A fee supplement applies to all International students (please contact for details).

Does Fraser Academy offer any other programs that could support my child, other than the day school program?

  • Yes we do! We offer a variety of programs through our outreach centre, FAx. No prior formal diagnosis is required to access these programs and both online and in-person options may be available. Offerings include:

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Our Admissions Team is happy to answer any questions you may have. We make it our priority to ensure your family’s admissions experience is as individualized as possible.

To begin the conversation, submit the Admissions Inquiry Form, email, call 604 736 5575 x 5502, or schedule a time for us to call you. We look forward to getting to know your family!

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