Professional Development

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We help educators raise the bar of their teaching practice.

Orton-Gillingham Practitioner Training

Orton-Gillingham Training: Associate Part 1 (formerly Classroom Educator)

This course consists of high-quality training in structured, multisensory language instruction, followed by an optional practicum. By taking this course you will learn to apply the Orton-Gillingham approach to provide literacy instruction for general classroom or small groups, to the benefit of all learners.

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Orton-Gillingham Training: Associate Part 2

This course consists of high-quality training in structured, multisensory language instruction, followed by an optional practicum. By taking this course you will learn to unlock the code of language and learn to deliver 1:1 intervention to struggling readers.

Prerequisite: Orton-Gillingham Training: Associate Part 1 (formerly Classroom Educator) Coursework

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Orton-Gillingham Training: Certified Level

This course is intended for individuals who have achieved Associate Level membership with the Orton-Gillingham Academy and wish to hone their practice. In this training you will learn how to work with students with complex learning needs and at a higher level of instruction.

Prerequisite: Orton-Gillingham Training: Associate Level

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Accredited NILD Educational Therapy Training

NILD Educational Therapy: Level 1 Training

The NILD Level I course equips the modern educator with innovative educational therapies that help students get to the root learning problem. Educators learn how to identify and assess students’ learning needs and create and implement individual educational therapy plans utilizing the NILD techniques specific to educational goals for students.
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Workshops and Teacher Training

Format: series of five sessions (each three hours long).

Executive Function Educator Training

A five-part series to foster self-regulation, successful task completion, and independence in students.

You can register for individual sessions or the entire series of five sessions at a discount.

Educators are provided with a combination of theoretical approaches and practical strategies for supporting students with executive function (EF) challenges.

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Format: one-day workshop in-person at Fraser Academy

Executive Function and the Writing Process

This workshop combines the theory and practice of how to facilitate the writing process with a structured, sequential, and multisensory approach. Educators completing this course will gain a better understanding of the relationship between writing and the brain. This workshop will help educators provide students of varying ability levels with meaningful and accessible strategies to complete the writing process.
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Format: series of four sessions (each three hours long).

Positive Education Teacher Training

A four-part series to nurture wellbeing and growth in the classroom.

You can register for individual sessions or the entire series of four sessions at a discount.

Positive Education Teacher Training provides educators with the science, theoretical frameworks and practical strategies to support all students in developing healthy wellness habits that facilitate learning, such as resilience and a growth mindset.

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Custom Workshops for Schools

In addition to the teacher training offered on-site at Fraser Academy, our Executive Function Educator Training and Positive Education Teacher Training courses can be offered at your school.

We are also able to provide a customized learning experience for your school or organization by request on the following topics:

Format: three hour workshop

An Introduction to Structured Literacy

A Structured Literacy approach (such as the Orton-Gillingham approach) makes reading, writing and spelling accessible to all students, even those with learning challenges. This workshop provides a broad understanding of the science of reading and why a Structured Literacy approach should be taught in every classroom. Teachers will be given an overview of the research around the science of reading, the Five Core Elements of Reading Instruction, as well as develop an understanding of dyslexia and how an integrated approach can reach all learners.

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Format: full-day workshop or two, half-day workshops

Differentiation in the Classroom

Why is it important to differentiate instruction in the classroom? Over 20 percent of children learn differently and struggle with traditional modes of instruction. In this workshop, educators will learn to personalize instruction through developing a deeper understanding of their students’ learning profiles, readiness to learn and personal interests. Integrating this approach into your teaching team’s practice will inspire them to tailor content and instruction to include all students in the learning process.

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Format: half-day workshop

Differentiation of Assessments

Assessment is intended to reflect the learning of each student in our classrooms; however this is not always the case for the 20 percent of students who learn differently. Research shows that in order to evaluate learning effectively, educators need to create opportunities for purposeful feedback and apply that information to create differentiated assessments. This workshop will explore how different types of formative assessment can be used as an important mechanism for feedback. We will also explore how to develop assessments that provide every student with the opportunity to shine.

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