FAx Policies & Procedures

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FAx Covid-19 School Health and Safety Protocols

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Reschedule and Cancellation of Sessions Policy

In the event that you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please note the following:

  1. Payment is non-refundable.
  2. If a child is unable to attend a session, contact us or the child’s tutor at least 24 hours in advance to qualify for a make-up session.
  3. If less than 24 hours notice is provided, no make-up sessions will be provided and payment will be forfeited.
  4. If your scheduled make-up session is missed or canceled it will be considered forfeit.
  5. A maximum of two make-up sessions will be provided per semester.

If you arrive late for your appointment it will still end at the scheduled time as we schedule appointments consecutively. Due to the complexities of rescheduling appointments only two appointments may be rescheduled per semester (September-January and February-June).

Cancellation of Services Policy

A minimum of two weeks’ notice is required to discontinue services. Sessions within the notice period will be charged to the family.


All the information you provide, and each session is kept confidential. If you would like to have information shared with your child’s school and/or other professionals, please complete the Information Release Form, that can be provided by the Executive Director or Instructor .

Photo Release

As part of your registration you will be provided with Photo Release Confirmation which confirms whether you give consent for photos of your child to be taken and used for promotional materials. Should you refuse your consent photos of your child will not be taken or used.


Multiple staff are trained in first aid and will administer first aid on-site in the event of minor injuries such as small cuts or abrasions. Larger injuries will be reported to emergency services as well as the student’s parent(s) and/or emergency contact(s).

If a large injury is sustained, FAx will ensure the student has safe transit to the hospital or that an ambulance is called. An adult will remain with the child until a parent/guardian arrives.

Medical Incident reports are completed and given to the Business Manager.

In Case of Emergency

In the case of heavy snowfall or other emergency school closures, check our website, www.fraseracademy.ca, or listen to QMFM 103.5, CKNW-AM 980, CFOXFM 99.3, CFMI or BCTV for an announcement.

Earthquake Emergency Response Plan

Possibilities of earthquakes do exist in the Greater Vancouver area and we would like to take measures to ensure that precautions have been taken to protect your child at FAx. At least one earthquake drill is held each year to ensure students are prepared in the event of an earthquake.

Earthquake Response Plan

During the first two hours after an earthquake, short-term care and long-term care (up to
24 hours) will be provided for children whose parents may be unable to reach FAx.

No student will be dismissed from FAx unless a parent (or emergency contact
designated by a parent) comes for him or her.

No child will be allowed to leave with another person (even a relative or babysitter, unless
we have written permission to that effect or that particular person is listed on the student’s
emergency file). With this in mind, it is important that you provide the school with an
emergency contact person who will be responsible for picking your child up in the event
that you cannot come yourself. This will need to be updated each school year.

All parents or designated guardians who come for students must have them signed out at
the office or the alternative Student Release Station in Connaught Park across the street.
Signs will be posted by the back gate if this alternative location is being used.

We are prepared to care for children in the event of a critical situation, or if parents are
not able to reach the school. We have various people with first-aid knowledge and will be
in communication with local emergency services.

In the event of an earthquake, we ask that parents do not call the school as lines must be open for emergency calls. We also ask that parents do not immediately drive to the school as access routes must remain clear for emergency vehicles.

Fire Drill Procedures

At least one emergency drill is held each year to ensure students are prepared in the event of an emergency.

When an emergency drill is called for, all students and staff are to follow directions given

Staff members should assist students in familiarizing themselves with the fire exits shown
on the floor plan for each classroom prior to a drill.

The fire alarm is a continuous sounding of the fire alarm bell.

On the sounding of the fire alarm, students will stand, and on the direction of the staff
member, follow the staff member to the nearest stairwell to the outside doors.

Staff members (or students appointed by them) will close all doors and windows upon
leaving their classrooms or work areas, once ensuring the room has been evacuated.

All students and staff members will walk quickly to the designated area in the park across
from FAx for roll call. If any student is found missing, the Executive Director of FAx
must be notified immediately.

Attendance of all students and personnel will be taken.

There should be no unnecessary talking during the drill.

After the fire alarm stops

Everyone should wait for the fire alarm to stop, followed by a signal from the staff
member in charge before proceeding to return to the building. All staff members will re-accompany their student(s) and return to their room to continue work from where they
had left off.