Educational Consulting

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Advocacy Coaching for Students in College and University

Do you wish you were able to effectively communicate your learning style to others? At FAx, our advocacy coaching will empower you to take control of your learning by providing you with the understanding, language, strategies and accommodations needed to get the most out of your post-secondary experience.

Advocacy Coaching Package ($625)

This package includes two, 45 minute sessions with a coach and an easy to understand reference guide to your psycho-educational assessment. You will receive:

  • An explanation of psycho-educational and professional reports in common language
  • An easy to understand document identifying strengths, weaknesses, and accommodations
  • Individualized strategies and tools that will optimize your learning experience
  • Practice with explaining your learning needs to professors and resource professionals

Please contact Melanie Davda at for more information.

Note: a psycho-educational assessment is not required in order to take advantage of this service. Please email to inquire if this service will be helpful for you.