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Tara Connolly

Tara Connolly

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Prior to joining the staff at Fraser Academy as a Learning Specialist in 2010, Tara Connolly (B.A., B. Ed., University of Ottawa) worked in academic libraries in Oxford and Rome, and taught elementary school in Ontario and Alberta. As a classroom teacher, she was always searching for ways to best help struggling readers and writers.

Upon moving to Vancouver, Ms. Connolly discovered the Orton-Gillingham method and completed her Orton-Gillingham training at Fraser Academy. Ms. Connolly feels that working one-to-one daily with students, using an individualized curriculum, and addressing executive functioning skills is a big part of our students’ success. Another factor in our students’ success comes from their incredible perseverance and resilience. Witnessing the transformation in our students’ belief in themselves is the best part of her job.

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