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Melanie Davda

Melanie Davda

Educational Therapy and Consulting Email

Melanie Davda joined Fraser Academy in 2013, following 7 years at VSB public schools. She holds a Masters of Education specializing in educational therapy, and is certified as both an Educational Therapist and a Dyslexia Therapist. Ms. Davda currently oversees Educational Therapy and Consulting at FAx, Fraser Academy’s Outreach Centre. With a passion for making learning and literacy accessible to all children, Ms. Davda helps students become confident and competent learners and helps families to advocate for their child’s learning needs. She also provides professional development that empowers educators to support struggling learners and Level B Psychometric Assessments for students. Ms. Davda is an Instructor of Level 1 Educational Therapy with the National Institute for Learning Development (NILD).

Ms. Davda’s most rewarding moments are when she sees the “light bulb” of understanding turn on, or when a student who was previously a reluctant reader gains passion and motivation to read. When outside of the classroom, she enjoys running, cycling, and painting.

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