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Karlie LeClaire

Karlie LeClaire

Personal Counsellor & OG Practitioner Email|604 736 5575 ext 5508

Ms. LeClaire received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Victoria and her Masters in Counselling from City University of Seattle. She is a Registered Clinical Counsellor, Certified Canadian Counsellor, and is trained in EMDR Therapy. Ms.LeClaire has worked as a Behavioural Interventionist, Educational Assistant, Family Youth Counsellor, and Private Clinical Counsellor.

Ms.LeClaire specializes in working with youth who are struggling with their sexual-identity, namely those who identify as LGBTQ. Ms. LeClaire adopts the philosophy that all feelings, thoughts, and behaviours are a response to one’s environment. As such, there is no universal approach or strategy we can apply to each person’s unique needs. This perspective is what inspires Ms.LeClaire to work with the students at Fraser Academy. Fraser Academy not only celebrates the diversity of our students, but we also apply individualized approaches to each student as suited to their skills, needs, and circumstances.

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