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Janelle Paquette

Janelle Paquette

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Janelle Paquette began working with children as a competitive swim instructor in 2015, before deciding to pursue teaching as her career. Her passion for swimming will translate into her new role as a coach for Fraser Academy’s swim team.

Ms. Paquette holds two Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Victoria, the first in English Literature obtained in 2021, and the second in Creative Writing with a minor in Applied Ethics obtained in 2022. She received her Bachelor’s of Education from the University of British Columbia in 2022. She looks forward to working alongside students in both the Creative Writing and Digital Illustration clubs.

Ms. Paquette will be serving as a Teacher on Call. She takes great care in creating lasting relationships with students that are built on a foundation of trust, mutual respect, and smiles. She hopes to help each student find their passion, as well as their voice.

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