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Unlocking Brilliant Minds


Services that support people with dyslexia are essential for unlocking their brilliant minds! These statements show what’s possible when the potential of children is recognized.

My son struggled in public school. His first teacher suggested he be tested for a learning disability. That led directly to attendance at Fraser Academy.
The program was highly effective and today my son is an engineering student at UBC.
– Ferdi, Alumnus Parent
As a psychologist who specializes in learning disabilities, I know for a fact that Fraser Academy is a lifeline for many families and students. Students with dyslexia already are underserved and this resource is essential!
– Dr. Meagan Smith, Psychologist
We travel all the way from the Yukon to receive these specialized supports for our daughter who is severely dyslexic. Without these supports, our daughter would not have been able to achieve the results we are currently seeing in her reading and writing abilities. This has improved her mental health and will have lasting impacts for the rest of her life. Fraser Academy provides an essential service to our most beloved resources, our children.
– Stacey, Parent
Fraser Academy and the support that they offer to the community and their families is life changing. Without FA our son would not be excelling and thriving in the world today.  Most of these children were bullied at their previous schools and didn’t have much, if any, hope for their futures. FA is so much more than a school, it teaches our youth courage, confidence and to be resilient through adversity!
– Farrah, Parent
The education provided to my son is vital to his future and general well being. He has blossomed with confidence in himself over the last 3 years. He receives the support he needs to thrive in an educational environment, and be an engaged learner. For that we are very grateful and believe every child struggling with language-based learning challenges should have the support that Fraser Academy provides.
– Christine, Parent
Our daughter attends Fraser Academy. If services were open to more children like her with dyslexia, imagine the possibilities of unlocking these brilliant minds. We need to have a space that can benefit more people with endless possibilities and keep their minds engaged and keep their self esteem intact.
– Lisa, Parent
My son struggled with school for years. Within 1 month of attending Fraser Academy, his skills and attitude towards learning had made a complete 180. Vancouver benefits from institutions like Fraser Academy and needs to ensure its services can continue to be accessed.
– Bannister, Parent
When our daughter was in grade 3, we saw her bright spark, her curiosity, charismatic, outgoing confidence rapidly diminish as she realized that she was not able to keep up with her peers, with her friends.  We moved her to Fraser Academy for grade 4.  Within months we had our daughter back!  She is now in grade 10, thriving academically, participating in sports teams and is on Student Council.  She is planning to attend university and we see a bright, bright future for our child. Fraser Academy saved my child’s life and will save many more.  They provide a vital service to the community and to society.  We all need Fraser Academy.
– Lisa, Parent
My son was losing self-esteem daily in the public system & felt defeated by school until he was able to get the support he needed at Fraser Academy. Formerly, when we would ask about his day, he would say “nothing” or “I don’t remember.” It was heartbreaking as a parent to witness. He now comes home everyday with cheerful stories about what he did each day. There needs to be more schools like FA!
– Tamara, Parent
As an educator, I find that facilities that help support students with learning differences are an unfortunate rarity. In ensuring that students with dyslexia can continue to receive the support that they deserve, it is integral that FA is able to maintain a space where families can be confident in their child’s learning quality and safety.
– Lisa, Teacher
Fraser Academy offers, what I as an educator see as a unique service all schools should integrate. The teaching and learning here is attempting to foster a learning environment unseen in my career globally and as a result should be a proud cornerstone of the community of Vancouver.
– Mark, Teacher