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Remote Learning Edition: At-Home Executive Function Skills & Tips

Executive Function (EF) is an area of focus at Fraser Academy. The new remote learning environment looks very different from in-person instruction and presents new EF challenges for students. This is a learning opportunity for all – and there are a lot of skills that children are developing during this time that will be applicable to their futures.

We wanted to share some of the common EF language we use at Fraser Academy and tips that parents can use at home with their child(ren).

Common EF language

These are terms we use at Fraser Academy that can also be used at home:

Organizational Checklist (OC List)

This is an organizational checklist of the materials students may need to initiate a task or a list of the items/tasks they need to prioritize.

EF Time

At Fraser Academy, every class has EF Time, which is additional time when teachers will model EF skills and support our students to practice these skills. We encourage you to emphasize EF Time at home as a way for students to organize their workspace, get their materials together, identify what they need to work on, create their OC List and prioritize their tasks.

Clarification or Repetition?

If your son/daughter is finding something to be challenging – ask them whether they need it clarified (rephrased) or repeated because they didn’t hear it correctly. This is a great way to build self-awareness, confidence, and allow your child to freely state if they don’t understand what they are told. This self-awareness helps students to advocate for their learning needs.


Ask you child, “What are 3 things you can do before you ask for help?” 3B4ME probes student thinking by encouraging students to think of other ways to solve their own challenges.

We hope you find it helpful to use this common language at home!
1:1 Executive Function Coaching

For students who do not attend Fraser Academy’s day school, remote Executive Function Coaching is available via our outreach center, FAx.

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