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Spotlight on the Power of Philanthropy

Submitted on behalf of the Advancement Department

A Global Movement of Giving

As you may know, Giving Tuesday is coming up on December 3rd. Originally started in the U.S., it has now become a global movement to inspire giving and volunteering over the holiday season. The noble vision is to motivate people and companies to support important causes, and also encourage others to get involved.

For the next month we would like to shine a spotlight on this movement – or rather its essence: the impactful and emotional act of philanthropy.

What is Philanthropy?

Derived from two greek words, philos and anthropos, it is said that philanthropy is the love of humanity – can there be a more inspiring act?

No matter how big or small the gesture, philanthropy is a powerful expression of belief in a charity, a cause; a desire to help transform or positively impact someone’s life; invest in community vitality, health and strength; and with an unwavering commitment, help contribute to an important social challenge with the belief it must be solved or supported.

We encourage you to discuss philanthropy at home during this period and have your family think about causes or people in B.C., Canada, and the world, that are important to help.

Philanthropy can take many forms including making a gift or volunteering your time and your expertise.


P.S. Recently we launched our annual appeal through the Defying Gravity Campaign. We hope our community will pull together to support our students through this campaign during the school year. On, or around, Giving Tuesday would be a great day to make a gift… or by December 31st before the tax year ends!

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