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Pillars: Canada’s Centre for Dyslexia


Through our groundbreaking leadership and unparalleled approach to teaching students with dyslexia, over the next decade Fraser Academy will transform into Canada’s Centre for Dyslexia. We are uniquely poised to address gaps in the system at each critical point in a child’s educational journey.

The 5 Pillars


Training Institute

Consolidating our current suite of training for educators, schools, and school districts; introducing new offerings to elevate instruction for current teachers, as well as collaborating to improve upon training for the next generation of teachers.

Day School

Leading education through our flagship day school program, with the goal to provide more students access in a larger, purpose-built facility for students with dyslexia.

Outreach Programs

Serving children, youth, and families in the wider community in person and online through 1:1 learner services, camps, and consulting with the goal to expand, and introduce new, offerings to reach more students.

Early Literacy Screening & Intervention

Offering a model program and training other educators to identify those at risk to reading failure; providing roadmaps of effective intervention with the goal to integrate services at childcare centres, preschools, and primary schools.

Knowledge Hub

Building upon our free community education series and providing resources on dyslexia; continuing to work with other experts and leading non-profits to convene dialogue for change.

These pillars are based on 40 years of Fraser Academy’s proven practice as leading educators, informed by research and respected experts throughout North America, and solidified through understanding the hardships that families face when their child struggles to learn.

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