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Our Daughter’s Journey from Struggle to Success


Written by Julia M., FA Parent

Prior to joining this amazing community, our daughter had attended our local elementary school since kindergarten. Whilst socially she easily found her feet, academically she struggled from the get-go.

Initially, this was put down to the fact that she is a “late December baby” and is considerably younger than many of her contemporaries. Yet after entering grade 4, her teacher quickly noticed her increasing struggles in the classroom, and suggested hearing and sight tests to assess if these might explain her learning impediments.

After these turned up no issues, our next step was psycho-educational assessment, which eventually resulted in a twice exceptional designation of “P” and “Q”: gifted, with learning differences – notably language-based learning difficulties.

We collectively limped through grade 5, with various tutors in addition to unwelcome parent support with her tortuous homework regime.

We could see our daughter’s enthusiasm for school dwindle, and with it, her confidence, which was equally as tortuous to endure as the homework battles.

Early on in the year, we were introduced to Fraser Academy – by a close friend whose daughter attended – and we knew this offered an environment where our daughter could flourish.

This was further reinforced following our entrance interview, and our daughter’s assessment and tour of the school, whereupon she quickly determined that this was the place for her – a place where she felt immediately like she belonged, and where she was excited to come to learn.

The nightmare of grade 4 was overshadowed by a grade 5 of hope, happiness and harmony.

Our daughter went from self-labelling as “stupid”, and feigning illness to avoid school, to slowly growing in confidence, recognizing her strengths and areas for growth, and above all, wanting to go to school. In fact, enjoying going to school – even to the point of complaining that there was no school on the weekends! A complete U-turn, in a matter of months.

Over the two years that she has attended Fraser Academy, we have watched our daughter find her community and thrive in it.

We have observed her growth, and celebrated her accomplishments – the majority of which were facilitated by this learning community, by the tailored programming, and by the talented and dedicated faculty who bring it all to life.

Our daughter loves her school, and as parents, we love knowing and hearing that.

Looking at how far she has come in these two school years, it’s hard to even imagine where she would be at this point, had we not been able to bring her to Fraser Academy. The battles, the eroded confidence, the derogatory self-criticism and the gradual disengagement from learning, were certainly not conducive to flourishing.

We are therefore, extremely grateful for the opportunities that Fraser Academy has yielded for our daughter, and indeed our family. We are so grateful to be proud members of the Fraser Academy Community.

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