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October is Dyslexia Awareness Month!


October is International Dyslexia Awareness Month! It’s an opportunity to celebrate the amazing strengths of dyslexic thinkers, feel proud, and raise awareness about dyslexia in the greater community.

Celebrating dyslexia is common at Fraser Academy, but many people may still wonder, “What exactly is dyslexia?”

What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a learning difference that is neurological in nature. It is often misunderstood, despite research that estimates 20% of the population is dyslexic (with 80% of those
individuals going undiagnosed or misdiagnosed).

People with dyslexia have average to gifted intelligence, yet unexpectedly struggle with reading, writing, and/or math because their brain processes information differently. If unaddressed, they experience low school performance despite their amazing capacity for creativity, communication, and leadership.

People with dyslexia learn differently.

Dyslexic strengths include:
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Original thinking
  • Complex problem solving
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Social influence

Embracing neurodiversity as an advantage is needed to tackle our complex, rapidly changing world. Global consulting firm, EY, mapped the inherent strengths of dyslexics, showing strong alignment to the needs of the evolving workplace such as complex problem-solving, analytical thinking, and creativity!

Celebrating Dyslexic Minds at Fraser Academy


As part of our Dyslexia Awareness Month activities, Gr 2-6 students worked on a group project, Dyslexic Minds Think Outside the Box, where they created drawings using the prompt “What would you be surprised to find inside a box?”


On October 18, 2021 Fraser Academy students and staff wore red to raise awareness and celebrate dyslexia on #MarkItRead Day!

Join us in celebrating incredible dyslexic thinkers in the Fraser Academy community and around the world!

View the Proclamation of Dyslexia Awareness Month by the City of Vancouver.