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October is Dyslexia Awareness Month!


Fraser Academy stands alongside many local, provincial, national and global partners like Dyslexia Canada and Made by Dyslexia to advocate and draw attention to the importance of supporting people with Dyslexia.

Today, our community is proudly wearing red in support of the Mark it Read campaign by Dyslexia Canada.

Dyslexia is a societal matter, not purely an educational one:

  • A strong community includes opportunity, inclusivity and equitability for all; it includes looking after the health and well-being of citizens.
  • Early intervention & early identification ensures the estimated 20% of people living with Dyslexia can realize their potential. Further, learning to read is one of the most complicated and important skills in which humans engage. Many even argue it is a fundamental human right (see OHRC “Right to Read” public inquiry). The social and economic success a person enjoys is directly tied to their ability to read.
  • Unfortunately, not addressing dyslexia not only relates to barriers, but leads to negative social and emotional consequences.

Tackling social issues successfully in the world today requires leadership, and a collaborative and coordinated approach working with various levels of government, non-profits, the private sector and community.

Please stand with our national partner, Dyslexia Canada, and wear red this month, read more to better understand Dyslexia, or otherwise celebrate the value of Dyslexia by sharing this post with a family member or friend!