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New FAx Programs: After3 Services


We are pleased to share two new programs now being offered by FAx (highlighted below). All of our K-12 programs focus on remediation of specific learning difficulties, and each service is carefully designed to empower students, and help them gain confidence in their specific area of need.

Note: All offerings are available in-person or remotely.

NILD Educational Therapy Instruction

NILD is a student-centred approach to build thinking skills and support students in learning how to learn. A student who has difficulty with comprehension, working memory and/or academic fluency will benefit from Educational Therapy. By equipping students with personalized strategies and techniques, they emerge as confident and competent learners and thinkers. – Learn More

Small Group Writing Clinics (for Grades 11-12)

In this writing clinic, Grade 11/12 students will gain the skills and confidence necessary to produce complex academic writing. Brainstorming, organizing, thesis development, editing, and revising are some of the topic covered in learning the writing process. The sessions are conducted in a small group setting of 3-4 learners. – Learn more

In addition, FAx continues to offer: 

  • 1:1 OG Instruction & Academic Skills Development,
  • 1:1 Remedial Math Instruction, and
  • 1:1 Executive Function Coaching.

Learn More

Please feel welcome to contact Erin Kline, Executive Director, FAx, at ekline@fraseracademy.ca if you have any questions regarding these programs.