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A Message from Mrs. Steltman

Dear Fraser Academy Community,

When I reflect on my journey with Fraser Academy, starting as a parent at the school, I feel grateful that a school like this existed when my children needed it. I feel grateful for the people who came before me to establish it. I remember thinking, “thank goodness they were here, because if not for them, where would I be with my children?”

As I reflect on my journey as Head of School, and on the evolution of the School over the last 10 years, it is rewarding to see the quality of programming that has been developed for the families we serve, and to know that we are inculcating that quality in our training programs and ensuring the school has these programs into the future.

I think about parents who have shared with me that since starting at Fraser Academy their child has totally re-thought who they are, or that their child once said he didn’t even think he’d graduate from high school, and now he’s trying to decide which university to attend, out of the five offers received. The school is making such a huge impact on the lives of these children.

Often, these kids are the big problem solvers of the world, and the next generation of creative thinkers and entrepreneurs. Their future is bright when they are engaged in an education that meets them in the way they learn best.

Yet, the mainstream education system is geared towards the “middle 50.” Reaching only 50% of children is not enough. Without educational services like ours, kids who learn a little differently flounder.

We’re serving a niche of the population that nobody else serves effectively.

We have an obligation, and the community at large has an obligation, to meet a broader number of kids where they are with their learning.

The people who came before the families that are here today ensured this school was there when they needed it. That same obligation lives in the current community. Our current families need to do the same for future generations.

When I look to the future, it all depends on what happens now.

We offer an essential service, but without a permanent home, we won’t have a school. We are in a City-owned building and the lease will expire in 2025. We have 7 years to plan a new building and find a permanent home for the school.

It’s about ensuring the future for the kids that are coming behind us.

And it’s exciting to be a part of developing something really great…

But, it depends on everyone in the community playing a role.

Please join me and contribute now towards our school’s future.

Maureen Steltman
Head of School

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