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Making Learning Fun Again with Educational Therapy


Last September, Jennifer C. got an assessment for her son, Crosby, that revealed he had a learning difference. “It showed that he had reading and writing output challenges, and his processing speed was slower.”

Crosby was in Grade 5 at the time, and he was paired up with Melanie Davda, who oversees Educational Therapy and Consulting at Fraser Academy’s Outreach Centre, FAx. It was determined that NILD Educational Therapy Instruction would be the best fit, as it would provide strategies to approach his specific learning weaknesses in reading, writing, and higher-level thinking skills.

“As soon as he started with Melanie, he was happy. He was having fun. He needed executive functioning help. Crosby will willingly go and write things now. This was not the case before. Before, writing two pages was like writing a novel. He is so much more excited about learning here because of the time with Melanie. He has strategies to work things out.”

Jennifer has seen the benefits of Educational Therapy with the way Crosby now approaches his student assignments. “He had one writing assignment that he was struggling with at school. He brought it to Melanie, and asked for strategies for how to do it. She pulled out the editing tools and processes to look for when writing and editing assignments. It gave him the confidence that he knows what to do and that he can pull the tool out of the toolbox when he needs it. It puts things into practice, which is the hardest part of learning all of these tools. FAx is upping his potential, and upping his confidence. It’s a total mind shift.”

To learn more about NILD Educational Therapy Instruction, or other 1:1 learner programs, please visit the FAx website.