Our Stories

Learning Made Possible through a Culture of Caring

Ensuring students have access to Fraser Academy through our bursary program will always remain one of our key philosophies.

Thanks to the generosity and philanthropy of the Fraser Academy community, each year our bursary program provides opportunities for students and families that might not otherwise have access to the crucial resources we provide. We have seen firsthand how this financial aid has altered lives for the better, and we hope our community and culture of giving will only continue to grow.

Read one bursary recipient’s story here:

“Our daughter quickly determined that [Fraser Academy] was the place for her – a place where she immediately felt like she belonged, and where she was excited to come to learn.

Prior to joining this amazing community, our daughter had attended our local elementary school. Whilst socially she easily found her feet, academically she struggled from the get-go. We could see our daughter’s enthusiasm for school dwindle, and with it, her confidence. We were then introduced to Fraser Academy.

Over the past two years, we have watched our daughter find her community and thrive. We have observed her growth, and celebrated her accomplishments – the majority of which were facilitated by this learning community, by the tailored programming, and by the talented and dedicated faculty who bring it all to life. Looking at how far she has come, it’s hard to even imagine where she would be at this point, had we not been able to bring her to Fraser Academy.

We are extremely grateful for the opportunities that Fraser Academy has yielded for our daughter, and indeed our family.”

– FA Parents


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