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It’s an Investment in Tomorrow

One of the many interesting things about philanthropy is it requires taking a leap of faith – one that is grounded in personal values and beliefs, of course. It is a deeply personal decision; one that you make in the hope or expectation that it will have a return

When we think about education, it’s interesting to note that, although the national philanthropic landscape market share places education fourth after social causes, religion and health, between 2001 and 2016 fundraising revenue to education increased 89% (from $2.1 billion to $4.0 billion). 

Today, we know the role of education has evolved and it truly is the foundation for setting our children up for success. The best educators are working to ensure not only literacy and academic success, but also the type of rounded educational experiences to develop the values, skills, wellness, and character attributes that will set students on a path to a successful career, family and community life; it will also produce leaders who will move the needle in business and for social causes.

When we consider children with language-based learning differences, like dyslexia, we now know there is a body of evidence and research that shows investing in them is the future of the workforce:

Read more about the EY reports on the skills and strengths of the people with dyslexia, here.


P.S. Recently we launched our annual appeal through the Defying Gravity Campaign. We hope our community will pull together to support our students through this campaign during the school year. On, or around, Giving Tuesday would be a great day to make a gift… or by December 31st before the tax year ends!

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