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Grade 12 Capstone Showcase


The Capstone is a year-long passion project that allows students to delve deeper into an area of interest or curiosity and develop useful skills for the future.

Here are some of this year’s amazing projects from our Grade 12 students and what inspired them!

Fraser Academy Grade 12 Students Play Table Tennis

Michael O. wanted to create a Capstone Project that would bring together the Fraser Community, and create a legacy for future students to enjoy. He channeled his skill with hands-on work to build a ping pong table, which has quickly become a popular activity on campus.

Sustainable Bike Created by Fraser Academy Grade 12 Student
Aaron H. is an avid bike rider and enjoys fixing his bike, but wanted to take that a step further to build his own, more sustainable bike. He researched the environmental impact of carbon fibres on the environment, and to reduce his carbon footprint he built the frame out of bamboo.


Alexia P.'s Photography of Flowers

Alexia P.’s passion for photography and writing inspired her to create a photobook to showcase her art.

“When creating this book I wanted to capture the beauty of photography through my creative lens as a writer and as an artist. I am fascinated by colourful photography and inspired by surrealism. After viewing my book I hope you will take your camera and then stop, observe, and capture the beauty all around you.” – Alexia P.

Vancouver Aquarium Presentation at Fraser Academy

Craig M. volunteers with the Vancouver Aquarium and will be pursuing a career in wildlife and conservation. To share his knowledge and love of marine life with younger students, he presented a slideshow on Orca Whales to Fraser’s Grade 5 students. The students learned about these cetaceans and participated in a fun, hands-on activity using shortening to demonstrate how blubber works as an insulator.

Fraser Academy Student Playing the Guitar

Michael Z. loves playing guitar and building things with his hands. He took his skill in woodworking and electrical to the next level by building his own electric guitar from scratch. Michael plans to continue to hone his skills in an Electrician Foundations Program starting in Fall 2021.