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Doing Good, Creating Change

As we close this series of posts, and reflect on what people often refer to as the season of giving, as well as bringing family and community together, it is important to consider the underlying essence: doing good and creating the right change.

Philanthropy has evolved and with it, the increasing role and relevance of it. If we want to truly create change or make a difference in a cause, it requires a community of partnerships to do so: governments, corporations, foundations and individuals working together. 

Philanthropy has led to many great social innovations, united people and communities, inspired people to lead and be agents of change, and sparked powerful, challenging, but the right conversations.

Ultimately though it boils down to the most important origin and outcome – love: to lift up, or alleviate the suffering of, others, and create change when change is needed.

P.S. Recently we launched our annual appeal through the Defying Gravity Campaign. We hope our community will pull together to support our students through this campaign during the school year. On, or around, Giving Tuesday would be a great day to make a gift… or by December 31st before the tax year ends!

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