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Changing Destinies: One Student’s Story


Everyone has a story; each has its ups and downs. Fraser Academy is dedicated to providing each student with the resources, support, and personalized education to foster the “up” in every story.

Ava wants to share her story with you…

“In Grade 3 my academic struggles became noticeable. My teachers were unsupportive of my Dyslexia, even after reading my Psych-Ed! I knew I could not continue in the environment I was in. I was enrolled at Fraser Academy half way through Grade 4. Since then, my grades have drastically improved and I have developed independence, confidence, and the ability to laugh at myself.

FA teachers have taught me to stand behind my questions and curiosity. Their dedication is unmatched. I, and all the students here, have benefited from their specific instruction and ability to understand every student. They know that every student does not learn the same and they teach accordingly.

I can be myself at Fraser Academy and I learn in a way that benefits me.

There is no way anyone can fully understand what FA students are going through or have gone through unless they have or continue to struggle with learning.

Dyslexia is something that can be a barrier from, but also a strength to realize, your potential. Here, I have been able to master tactics and skills to succeed academically and exceed my own personal expectations in my senior courses. I will use these skills for years to come. As I get ready for a career in nursing, thank you for your generosity which has allowed me to explore my interests. I hope you will continue to support my peers in following their dreams.”

Fraser Academy has touched all of our lives in personal, but similar, ways.

Please take a moment to reflect on how you are connected to Fraser Academy. How has your family’s journey been changed since joining this community?

Each year we rely on philanthropy through the Changing Destinies Fund to supplement what cannot be provided by tuition and government grants alone.

This fund is vital to fueling more stories like Ava’s.

We hope you will join us in supporting the Changing Destinies Fund this spring.

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With gratitude,

Dominique Anderson, Philanthropy & Alumni Relations Officer
Ava Martin, Class of ’21