Our goal is to raise $400,000 in the 2019-20 year through the Changing Destinies Fund & other initiatives to support:
  • New buses for educational field and sports trips. 
  • Revitalizing our library to make a better community, knowledge and learning space with enhanced resources and furniture.
  • Improving our multi-purpose room with new chairs to ensure a better environment for assemblies, student collaborations, meetings and community events.
  • Financial Aid (Bursaries) to provide opportunity for children whose families do not have the means and need support.
  • Professional development to invest in our faculty to ensure exceptional outcomes for our scholars.

2019-20 Theme: Defy the Laws of Gravity!

Gravity is a natural phenomenon, an invisible force, by which objects are brought together.

It holds the planets in orbit around the sun, keeps the moon around Earth, causes ocean tides; and keeps our feet on the ground!

Gravity is crucial to our world, the universe and our goal of creating an optimal learning environment for our students, where learning trajectories are renewed, attributes and skills are developed, passions and careers are pursued, and dreams take shape.

Please help our students defy the laws of gravity!

Give Now

Give Now

Donors who give $2,500 and above are invited to the annual Board Chair’s Donor Recognition Dinner, typically held in the fall.