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How can I better understand my child’s Psych Ed?

At Fraser Academy, we understand that it can be challenging to understand a Psychoeducational Assessment or “Psych Ed” report.

There is extensive vocabulary that may seem like a foreign language, along with scores that accompany tests that most people are not familiar with. So, it’s no surprise that it is often difficult for families to use the report as intended.

For an overall understanding and the ability to advocate for your child, the two most important sections will be “Summary/Conclusions” and “Recommendations.” Both are most often found at the end of the report.

The Summary/Conclusions will provide you with your child’s diagnosis and a shorter version explaining the challenges your child will likely face when engaging in the learning process.

The Recommendations will give you the information that you need to review with your child’s school, to ensure the teachers understand the needs of your child, as well as the resources and supports that should be put in place through their Individual Education Plan (IEP).

When a diagnosis is provided, a school is responsible for developing a plan to support the child in accessing their learning. Many of the tips for what to include in the IEP will be provided in the recommendations section of the Psych Ed.

These basic tips only brush the surface of understanding a Psych Ed as there are many nuances within each report.

Please feel welcome to reach out to our school’s admissions office or FAx (our outreach center), for additional information and services such as Educational Consulting, that we provide to help families navigate their child’s unique learning profile as presented in their Psych Ed.

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