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Mytch Gales

Mytch Gales

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Mytch Gales has been working at Fraser Academy since 2012. Mr. Gales was first introduced to Fraser Academy in 1994 as a student, and describes their experience as a student at Fraser Academy as “life changing.” From here, Mr. Gales found themself drawn to helping students with learning differences. Prior to working at Fraser Academy they volunteered in schools, taught overseas, and lived in remote areas off the coast of Vancouver Island.

In 2012, they completed their BA in Anthropology and pursued Orton-Gillingham training, and in 2015 became an Associate Member of the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators.

Mr. Gales is passionate about helping students grow to become independent self-advocators for their learning needs. Creating lessons tailored to the individual, building a solid rapport, and helping to develop the student’s foundational skills is what Mr. Gales enjoys most about working at Fraser Academy.


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