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Erin Kline

Erin Kline

Assistant Head of School, Teaching & Learning Email|604 736 5575 ext 5504

Erin Kline has been with Fraser Academy since 2003. As Assistant Head of School, Teaching & Learning, she oversees the school’s academic program and directs program development, working closely with department heads, the tutoring department and families to ensure student success.

Ms. Kline received her Master of Education in Curriculum Studies degree from UBC in 2010, with a focus on program development and change. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (University of Victoria), a Bachelor of Education (University of Calgary) and is a certified Orton-Gillingham tutor. Prior to Fraser Academy, Ms. Kline taught grades 4-6 at the Agha Khan School in Bangladesh as well as on a First Nations reserve in northern Alberta.

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