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February 26, 2018

Raising Balanced Kids in an Unbalanced World

Earlier this month, as part of our Community Education Series, psychiatrist and bestselling author, Dr. Shimi Kang, presented on Raising Balanced Kids in an Unbalanced World.

Dr. Kang spoke on our current lifestyle, noting that as parents, and society as a whole, we seem to have forgotten our humanity.

She stated that despite knowing the importance of exercise, rest, and proper eating habits, many of us fail to make these activities a priority in our lives. “It’s simple,” she stated; “but simple is not easy.”

She cited influences such as ‘busyness’ being a symbol of importance and noted that when we constantly compare ourselves to the status quo, it inadvertently pulls us further away from trusting our intuition as parents.

Parenting is hard. We need to come back to our human nature, trust our intuition and maintain our authority over our kids.

To increase health, happiness and achievement…

…bring more of these 3 things into your family’s life:

Play: free play activates things like abstract thinking, healthy risk-taking, and learning from trial and error.

Others: social connection, contribution, and meaningful relationships are some of the basic needs in life.

Downtime: rest and relaxation improve focus, memory, concentration, relationships and life satisfaction.

Dolphin K.E.Y.S to motivation

Kill the tiger & jellyfish style of parenting: Be a dolphin parent: firm, yet flexible.

Empathy – put yourself in their shoes – create bonding and trust.

Youth Goals – express their goals (autonomy → dopamine → motivation).

Success – express optimism in success.

You can find Dr. Shimi Kang’s Dolphin K.E.Y.S slides with examples on our facebook page.

The Teenage Brain

Risknovelty, and peer admiration are strong influences on a teenage brain. These appeal to the teenage brain as they stimulate dopamine release during an intense period of neuroplasticity.

This means it is important for parents to be the authority and set limits during this time.

View more about Dr. Shimi Kang and Dolphin Kids.

Stay tuned for more information about our healthy minds program launching next year.


Yours truly,

Maureen Steltman
Head of School