Our Journal

November 1, 2017

Junior School Fall Sports Finale

The Junior School Sports teams had a great season! All our athletes showed consistent sportsmanship, hard-work, and progress. A big thank you to all our team members & coaches who represented as a strong herd of Mustangs!

Jr Boys Soccer

The Jr Boys soccer team worked hard on the field and their skills continued to progress throughout the season. Highlights include fantastic goals from our strikers, great saves from our goalies, and excellent teamwork and passing. They ended their season with a PlayDay at Meadowridge.

Jr Girls Volleyball

The Jr Girls volleyball team had a fun and exciting end to the season. Their season culminated this week with two playdays: one at Richmond Oval and the other at Mulgrave School. The girls showed immense improvement in their skills, had several victories, and played with enthusiasm and positive team spirit.

Jr Cross Country

The Junior Cross Country team had an awesome season this year. The team shared many laughs, champed it out through rainy practices, and cheered on their fellow runners throughout each meet.