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How to Establish a Healthy Tech Diet

On Monday, April 16, we were happy to host a webinar with psychiatrist and bestselling author, Dr. Shimi Kang, who presented on How to Establish a Healthy Tech Diet.

Here are some key take-aways from Dr. Kang’s presentation:
  • Current media trends indicate that tweens spend over four hours/day and teens spending over six hours/day (outside of school) on screens.
  • Almost 50% of parents report that screen time is a recurring battle in their home.
  • Technology is deliberately designed to provide short-term pleasure (via dopamine) often at the expense of long-term happiness (via serotonin).
  • The components of a technology diet include: toxic tech (cyber bullying), junk tech (certain video games) and healthy tech (educational and positive programs).
  • It is important for all parents to take action. Dr. Kang asked that parents not be permissive or authoritarian with this issue. Rather, be authoritative, collaborative “dolphin” parents providing guidance, expectations, limitations and consequences.

Click here to view evidence-based components of a healthy technology diet guide.