Our Journal

September 26, 2017

Cross Country – Meet #1

Cross Country Report by Coach Ayotte

The cross-country- team had their first meet at Jericho on Tuesday, September 19th and the rainy clouds parted and gave way to a gorgeous afternoon, filled with sunshine and hard work!

A few highlights included, in the junior boy’s category, a top 8 finish for Frank C. and, not far behind, Calum R. placed in the top half of a very competitive field of boys.

In the senior category, Samantha S. had a very good race and place in the top 1/3 of the senior girl’s field while Harrison A. was in first place in the senior boy’s race.  Harrison is in grade 11 so this is an incredible accomplishment. Despite a slight cold from Camp Malibu, Harrison ran effortlessly and some coaching advice from Mr. Hunt provided extra motivation to secure his gold medal performance.

The next race for the crosscountry team will be on Tuesday, September 26th at Jericho. All athletes of all levels are encouraged to come out and run. If you’ve never raced before, please don’t hesitate to try. You can approach it like you’re doing a workout with students from other schools as well as our own. Running is a great way to stay fit for other sports as well. Please see Ms. Ayotte or Mr. Hunt if you’d like to sign-up or have any questions.