Gr 9 Take Your Kids to Work Day

Wednesday, Nov 14, 2018

Take Our Kids to Work Day is an annual program in which Grade 9 students are hosted by parents/guardians, relatives, and family friends at workplaces across the country every November.

Take Our Kids to Work Day provides students an opportunity to:

• Make connections between school, the world of work, and their own futures
• Recognize the importance of school by learning first-hand the skills required in today’s workplaces
• Think about what aspect of their “work day” they liked and what they didn’t
• Explore career options in a practical way and gain an understanding of some of the career choices open to them
• Develop an appreciation of their parents/guardians’ work and motivation

Students and their parents/guardians are responsible for finding a placement for this day and the workplace host is responsible their student’s safety and supervision. Students will attend their placement all day, rather than attend regular classes.